Peer-Reviewed Publications

(Scientia et Fides, forthcoming)

(European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2022)

Manuscripts in Progress

Paper on virtuous collaboration in art and science. R&R.

Paper on various types of social epistemic activity. Under review.

Paper on shared inquiry and social epistemic achievement. Under review.

Paper on shared inquiry as distinct from other social-epistemic activity. Manuscript available upon request.

Paper on cognitive impairment and the virtues needed for loving relationships. Manuscript available upon request.

Current Research

In my current research at the University of Notre Dame's Center for Philosophy of Religion, I work on the nature of human relationships and the role they play in human flourishing. My work aims to solve problems in philosophy of disability, specifically how people with cognitive disability can still flourish intellectually.

Doctoral Dissertation

Here is a final draft of my doctoral dissertation, which I defended in April 2022.

In my doctoral dissertation, I argue that the phenomenon of inquiring together, common across communities, lacks sufficient by epistemologists currently. I examine the phenomenon, including its social-epistemic character.