Personal Information

My life's joy is my dog, Moon

Moon was born in late 2015, and my partner and I began fostering her in early 2016. We adopted her because, after a few months of fostering, we couldn't live without her. She is my companion, playmate, and cuddle buddy. Dog really is man's best friend.

In my free time, I enjoy coding, skiing, and surfing.

I have been skiing since I was a child, and I thoroughly enjoy it, despite my fear of heights. I learned how to snowboard just a few years ago, which led me to jump into surfing. I am terrible at surfing, but I absolutely love it and hope to get better over time. It is a kind of addiction, being out there in the water watching the waves. The feeling of being on the board, being moved by the wave, is indescribable. I like to say it is as though you are walking on water and you are the water at the same time.

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