Katherine Sweet

My name is Katherine Sweet, and I hold a Ph.D. in philosophy from Saint Louis University.

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Notre Dame's Center for Philosophy of Religion (2022-2023 academic year).


(European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2022)


Arguments from divine hiddenness attempt to show that God, as understood by traditional theists, does not exist. Eleonore Stump has claimed that, contrary to a key premise in such arguments, it is possible for God to have a personal relationship with human beings who do not believe that he exists. In this paper I describe Stump’s defense of divine hiddenness, as well as her account of the human will. I show that her account of the knowledge of persons does not solve the problem of divine hiddenness. I also argue that Stump’s account of the will commits her to the claim that nonbelief in God entails resistance to God. I conclude with a few potential replies and my own responses to them.